Enjoy The Best Jewellery Collection Only At Simon Alexander Jewellers!

Simon Alexander Jewellers are custom made engagement ring specialists who have travelled all over the world for the purpose of getting unique ideas to create distinctive and elegant designs.

Simon Alexander Jewellers in Adelaide:Designing a jewellery is not an easy process because it demands uniqueness and beauty. The designers who conceive high jewellery pieces are employed to create the engagement rings as well.

In Simon Alexander workshops, Adelaide, South Australia in the process of designing an engagement ring a great amount of attention is paid even to the precise and minor details from a simple first sketch to the detailed drawings.

In search of a desired design:

Simon Alexander has been working with the Australian jewellery stores for over 25 years and has been creating distinctive and different designs for different customers in Australia and for customers from all over the world.Our experienced and expert jewellery designers will help you to create your desired design with the best quality material and will work on that design until it becomes the piece you want.Working to create your desired ring:

We source almost every kind of gemstones like

• Diamonds

• Opal

• Pearls

• Coloured gemstones ( Emerald and Tanzanite)

Simon Alexander Jewellers had made engagement rings that were among the best in each time and had made all kinds of designs that were traditional as well as bold. Simon Alexander Jewellers also design mens wedding rings in Adelaide, wedding bands and other accessories and they are designed in a way that they truly exemplify elegance.

Simon Alexander Jewellers source gemstones from all over the world but pay special attention to their quality as well so that customers can get rings that should not only be unique and elegant but also long lasting. We will facilitate you with the world class quality at whole-sale prices.

Working to create your wedding bands:

Simon Alexander not only provide you the engagement rings but also provides you stunning wedding bands. Our jewellery is valued and adored by the customers from all over the world because of its uniqueness and elegance.

Our wedding bands are also of the best quality and not only that there is an offer of custom made wedding bands as well so if you are unable to find your desired wedding band there is no need to get worried because Simon Alexander will help you in creating your desired design with the best quality material and at affordable and reasonable price.Some of the wedding bands designs include:

• Classic flat wedding band

• Classic tapered wedding band

• ‘Ivy’ Diamond wedding band

• Shared Claw Diamond wedding band

• U Claw Set diamond wedding band

• Petite U Claw Set Diamond Wedding band

• Grain Set Diamond Wedding band

• Classic Half Round Wedding band

• Bead Set Diamond men’s wedding rings

• Channel Set Diamond Wedding band

• Pave Set Diamond Wedding band

• Bezel Set Diamond Wedding band

• Petite Shared Claw Diamond Wedding band

• ‘Anika’ Diamond Wedding band

And many other stunning and beautiful designs of best quality are provided by Simon Alexander Jewellers that you will find elegant and unique.