Conservation Of Energy In The Modern Age



We live in an era of rapid technological advancement, and in line with this technological advancement, we can also see that the use of energy in our day to day lives has increased exponentially. Currently, our natural resources are being exerted and this may give rise to problems in the future, which is to say that future generations may not have as many resources as we have now which can be used for the generation of power. For example, studies show that the earth only has enough oil for approximately another 50 years, which will drastically change the lifestyles of the future.

To combat this problem and to try to ensure conservation of energy and resources, attempts have been made to switch from using fossil fuels as a means of producing energy and the use of oil in different aspects of day to day life. For example, solar energy and hydroelectricity are renewable sources of energy which can be implemented in place of fossil fuel generated power. An example for the conservation of oil can be seen in the new cars and vehicles that are being introduced to the market, being hybrids; which run partially on fuel and partially on electricity, and electric cars, which run totally on electricity, thus being fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Nuclear power has been a source of energy and electricity that has been becoming more widely used in many countries across the world, such as the US, Japan etc. Nuclear energy can be considered a renewable energy source as it does not really use any of the earth’s resources, except uranium in some cases. For the purpose of generating electricity, energy is formed through the reaction of atoms, therefore it can be concerned a good alternative for a source of energy. However, nuclear energy can pose threats to a country, for example the Chernobyl incident and the Fukushima incident which caused severe radiation.

A better source of energy is solar energy, which is renewable as it is harnessed straight from the sun. Products such as a redback inverter are used in this process.Solar energy is currently quite expensive to install given the technology and the equipment involved in its installation. Solar power can show certain benefits over energy methods such as hydroelectricity, as hydroelectricity can sometimes use up too much water in a country, and when reserves are low or in long seasons of hot and dry weather, the country may experience power cuts due to the lack of water to generate electricity lithium batteries for solar are used in the solar energy process, as the lithium ions are necessary to enable the conversion of solar power into electricity.In conclusion, there are currently many methods used to produce energy and electricity, and we should be wise in using the methods that are the most efficient and sustainable.