Types Of Lawyers

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Every person in their life might at some point need a legal advice or legal counselling from an expert legal advisor therefore law is not just about one thing. It is quite diverse and has plethora of different fields in it. Each case involves different law and therefore a need for different lawyer is needed. The types of lawyers are mentioned below,

1) Property lawyer: The property lawyers job is to manage the transactions, buying, selling, rent and other property related matters in involved. The lawyer has to do the drafting for example the drafting of the lease deed and the trust deed too. There can be a residential property  lawyer or a commercial property lawyer. The residential property owner tells the client about their legal duties and the responsibility they have to perform in order to either transfer, sell or own a land. Secondly the commercial property lawyer tells their client about their duties on the funding arrangements, leasing and developments etc.

2) Family lawyer: They deal with family related problems from divorce, child adoption, custody and divorce etc. They represent people for example a woman who needs divorce from her husband also if a woman is facing domestic abuse the family lawyer is the best option. These lawyers also have the skills and are professional in their field as they will have to draft the pleadings and will have to appear in the court for the hearings too. The family lawyer is also trained to manage the emotional situations of their client and these family lawyers in mornington peninsula are best at communication and also at writing. They are able to convince their clients and are able to challenge any allegations in the court.

3) Corporate lawyer: Corporate law involves the transactions between the companies, merger or internal reorganization. The corporate lawyers deals with such cases and they deal with contracts and give legal advice to the companies about what should be done in a particular manner.

4) Environmental lawyer: As the name suggest the environment lawyer manages the rights of environment and may also focus on the climate changes and the energy resources. They can either work for the government and law firms. They regulate and advocate the law of environmental rules and regulations and also take action against those who have harmed the nature or cause any inconvenience towards the environment.

5) Criminal lawyer: As the name suggest these lawyers deal with the crimes and offences committed in the society. If a person has committed a crime against the state or any other person they might hire a defence attorney and then they will fight their case. Their job is to conduct the analysis on the case and then present their case in the court so as to grant the person bail or any other option available.

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