Pros And Cons Of Timber Cladding

When it comes to exterior wall cladding then timber cladding is the popular choice. Even the majority of exterior wall cladding is timber cladding. The timber cladding has many practical advantages over other materials. This is the reason that timber cladding is used in building construction for centuries. With time, there has been innovation and many variants in timber cladding. The timber cladding gives the unique look to your house plus it is sustainable. But like every material timber cladding has its pros and cons, but still, it is popular for exterior wall cladding.


Long Life:

The timber cladding will be installed at the exterior of the building. It means it should have the sturdiness to last long and it possesses the same quality. When you will be installing the timber cladding in nz you want them to last long and undoubtedly, the timber cladding can easily last for 30-40 years with regular maintenance. This makes its perfect choice as exterior wall cladding because you don’t want to keep changing your exterior wall cladding after every 5 years. Installing the timber cladding is not cheap, so you don’t want to keep it changing. The durability is the primary feature of the timber cladding and once chosen by you, you don’t have to reinvest on installing or reinstalling your exterior wall cladding for generations.


Along with long life, the other prime reason for choosing timber cladding is its appearance and looks. The timber cladding can enhance the aesthetics of your house. You can use different shades and textures of the timber, that can give the natural look to your house. Even you can use paint in the timber cladding of your choice, this helps to achieve any look for your house.


Instead of using synthetic material for your building exterior, the timber cladding is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. As the tress grows naturally, so the timber cladding is made from renewable material. Also, the timber cladding is carbon neutral, so it is good to reduce the CO2 emissions



The timber cladding is a high investment because the timber itself is a costly material. There are many variations in timber cladding and even the cheapest ones, will be costing you significantly. Not only in terms of initial investment but maintaining the timber cladding can also cost you money. It requires regular maintenance and paint jobs.

Fade out:

The timber cladding needs regular paint jobs because when it is exposed to sunlight or rain, it will rain. In some cases, this variation can be good as it keeps changing the shade of the timber cladding but many a time, the fading needs to be covered up with paint jobs. This increases your spending on the paint and that paint job will be needed every 2-3 years. You can also visit here for more details