A Look Into The Invention Of Jumping Castle Hire

Nowadays, many forms of entertainment for children are available everywhere.  However, a child this time period spends lot of his time while sitting in front of television screen or computer but there are very few things which still catches children’s attraction and in some cases adult’s attraction a well. These things forces the child to leave his computer seat and go out to play or have some fun activities. One of such things is known as jumping castle. In this article, we are going to put light on jumping castle and how was it invented.

Jumping castle:

Jumping castle hire Melbourne Eastern Suburbs is an inflatable structure that looks like a castle and is meant for jumping purposes. It comes in all shapes, sizes and in variety of colors. Children likes to jump or bounce in it. It is known by various names around the world like inflatable castles, bouncy castles, bouncy houses and trampolines. Children enjoy jumping on this inflatable structure so much that they forget everything else once they see it.

Jumping castle is one of those few activities which both girls and boys equally enjoy. As girls mostly like different kind of games and activities like dolls or other such stuff whereas boys prefers playing video games or other related activities. However, one thing on which the both agrees upon is playing on bouncy castle hire Melbourne as this activity is not limited to any specific gender.

Invention of a jumping castle:

A bouncing house was first invented by a man named John Scurlock in 1959. He was an engineer by profession who was experimenting with different kinds of plastics to inflatable signs and covers for tennis courts, swimming pools and other enclosures. While doing this effort he invented the concept of bouncing houses. With the passage of time this concept gained popularity and people started to make bouncing houses in different shapes and sizes like jumping castle or a bouncing car, etc.

Jumping castles hire:

Children get excited when they see a jumping castle in any play area but the level of their excitement reaches its peak when they see jumping castle in their own house. This can be made possible by hiring a jumping castle for your child’s special day or an event. “Smart amusements” situated in Sydney lets you to hire the ultimate quality of jumping castles within the most reasonable packages.


Jumping castle is an inflatable structure made in a shape of a castle on which children likes to jump. It comes in various shapes, sizes and colors. It is known with different names all across the world like bouncing houses, trampolines, etc. jumping castle was first invented by John Scurlock who was an engineer and was trying to make inflatable signs and covers but instead gave rise to the concept of jumping castles. People can now hire jumping castles foe their child’s event by “smart amusements” who lets you hire their jumping castles in the most reasonable rates along with the best packages.